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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

20 things that need to go

here is a list of the 20 things/people that society as a whole would be better off without in no particualr order

1.the NHL-get a salary cap or stop playing b/c nobody south of boston cares
2.ruth bader ginsberg-really just an example of all the activist judges
3.rosie o'donnell-fat, not funny, and all the way to the left
4.PC words -african american vernacular english, undocumented worker, administrative assistant
5.sit in protests- damn hippies sitting somewhere isnt going to do a thing, this isnt 1965
6.PETA-meat is tasty, hunting controls the animal population, pets like us too get over it
7.the baldwins-never left in 2000 when bush won
8.most reality tv-the swan? enough said
9.micheal jackson-he touches little boys and thinks its beautiful
10.cause ribbons-aids ribbon, troops ribbon, toe cancer ribbon. doesnt accomplish anything
11.cause months women's history month, black history month, guys named carl history month
12.pedaphiles-see micheal jackson
13.martha stewart- you broke the law and got caught, now go and serve your house arrest in your mansion
14.religious fundamentalists- anyone from osama to falwell
15.micheal moore-biggest distorter of the truth since goebbles
16.breast implants-they just look bad and are over done
17.barry bonds-well him and every other slugger that has juiced and still wont admit it
18.pro life/pro choice-everyone is tired of hearing the argument, abortion is here to stay. get over it
19.ashton kutcher movies-he could be cool so why make such crappy films?
20.i support the troops not the war-maybe the biggest crock ever. the troops are fighting the war thats what they believe in. dont belittle their cause.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

in-law hell

let the lady die. and for gods sake stop making her death some political and religious issue. both sides of this florida debacle need to give it up. the woman has been a vegtable for the last 15 years. her brain essentially died because she had an eating disorder and now she has no cerebral cortex. in layman's terms she cant think and never will be able to. i feel bad for her parents i really do, but damn let it go. your daughter is gone, she has been gone for awhile now. at least they got 15 years to say good bye, most people dont get that. so stop rallying protesters politicans and every religious wack job out there to your cause. her husband is her legal guardian, i mean they guy has stayed married to her this whole time to take care of her and make sure her wishes are granted. seems like a lot of work for someone that is suppossedly selfish. this whole drawn out case is a prime example though of the three biggest things wrong with this country. 1.people try to settle everything through the courts. its no wonder we have activist judges making crazy rulings, we have invited it upon ourselves. 2. the media over covers stories. do any of us really need to know this much about one lady in a coma? there are plenty more important things out there. 3. this may be the biggest. people have become brain washed by religious fundamentalism. if you want to believe in god thats fine, but dont invoke god as the basis for all your arguments. unless you have had a personal face to face sit down conversation with him and no one has then shut the hell up. there i'm done.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

btk: profile of a family man

so the btk killer has been "caught". great. this piece of true midwestern work apparently who apparently liked to bind, torture, and kill women. and managed to do so ten times. but our buddy btk hasnt actually killed anyone since the 80s. mullets and flock of sea gulls were popular the last time this guy struck. so what has he been doing for the last 20 years or so? well for starters he is a family man....a wife, kids, suburan home the works. btk was a contributing member of society too. he worked as the local dog catcher, an animal lover. also a religious man he was the president of his church, a pious man. and to top it all he was the leader of a boy scout troop. going out into the woods and teaching the kids survival skills and morality. truely this guy is a stand up citizen. his only flaw? he fucking offed people to get his twisted rocks off! so now he will spend the rest of his life in prison (due to legal technicalities he cant be executed, a shame). so should we stand up and applad the fine detective work of the witicha cops? nope. not at all. until a few months ago the cops hadnt been able to do anything in the case since the 80s. not until the killer himself started writing to the cops, basically handing them evidence, they didnt have squat. this guy all but turned himself in. but the big break......the nail in the coffin so to speak, his own daughter turned in her dna for testing. she turned him in. sorry dad. and lets not forget that this guy worked with the cops daily as a dog catcher. he was right under their noses. given all this you would think the witchita cops would be humble. nope. they were at the press confrence singing their own praises. come on guys who are you fooling? oh well btk is caught and will more than likely spend his remaining days being gang raped in the shower by very large and horny men. justice is served.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

damn the man....save my wallet

under the direction of a friend i have been advised to use this as a forum for my rants. and believe me there will probably be many. however last night's events sent me spirallying into a level of pissed off that is rarely attained. what could have incised such pissedoffedness you ask? none other that mwc.....i mean umw. gotta be correct. i recieved not one but two little yellow parking tickets from our very own mary wash police department. this brings the three week total to three parking tickets for a grand total of 250 dollars. apparently their jobs are to protect, serve and write outlandish parking tickets. what you may ask did i do to deserve such steep fines? nothing more than to park in the visitor parking at 10:30 at night while not having registered the vechile (at a cost of 100 dollars anyway mind you) with the school. damn. pissing on the steps of lee hall would have been a smaller fine. now i wont get into why i shouldnt have recieved these tickets. but trust me on this one its bull caka. parking tickets have always been handed out a plenty at mdub but this year they seem to be coming with reckless adandon. all in the intrest of raising money for a parking garage that will be up in 7-8 years from now. granted i have been here 5 years already but its going to take some real screwing up on my part to be around that long. but praking tickets are only a small part of the problem. a few weeks ago when i went to buy my cap and gown some girl had the nerve to hit me up for a donation. they are trying to squeeze cash out of us before we are even out of the gate. well to that i say give nothing. dontate nothing. if possible make the school pay you. for as many thousands as you have paid over the years doesnt the school owe you something? some may call me jaded or callous but to them i give a stern bah!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

popping my blog cherry

testing 1 2 3......okay here goes nothing. so thanks to char i know am the proud owner of a blog. pretty odd name i have to admit. if i actually keep up with this thing i plan to use it as a bully pulpit for my rants, political leanings, crude jokes, and whatever else my little heart desires to put on here. all the better for the each of you. sorry in advance for any misspelled words, apparently the good blog people have yet to create a spell checker. and well to be honest i cant spell worth a damn. but this isnt a kramer paper (thankfully so). i suppose this is the section of the post where i tell you all about myself. and if you know me already, too bad a little refresher wont hurt. lets see....i am in my 5th and final year at the school formally known as mwc. majoring in political science and plan to do absolutly nothing with it excpet to pretend to know more about politics than you do. i probably dont. my loyalties lie with the GOP, but thats not to say that i am one of those fundametalist born again christian religious right wanks. serving as a weekend warrior in the USCG reserves as a BM 3. lets try to keep the poop jokes there to a minimum. live at least for a few more months in the fablous greenbriar apts with jeremiah appleton esq and erin waugh, the female influence that keeps us in check. dating another erin as well. still sorry about the fish. and that seems to be enough for now, time for me to be hitting the dusty trail. and if you read this post, there will be more. read them. i dont want to think that i am just talking to myself.